i really want to write in this thing. does that make me lame? i hope so.
lately i feel like i’ve been lost, then found again. even though things have been better in the past, they have also been far, far worse. i’m starting to realize that even though i probably have to worst luck in the world, i really do have a fantastic life that i am not grateful for enough. i’m staring at a picture right now and thinking about all the dumb mistakes i’ve made. letting some people go too soon, holding on to some for too long, and not believing in myself. well, thats all about to change. i’m starting a new life style of just doing what i want, and not being concerned with what other people think. all thought that is very hard for me, and that is evident in my eating habits(surprise! to those of you who don’t know), i hope i can do it. life really is too short. and i’m about to quote some lyrics, because thats what i do best:

“take your hesitance, and your self defense, and leave them behind. it’s only life. don’t be so afraid of facing everyday. just take your time, its only life. i’ll be your stepping stone. don’t be so alone. just hold on tight, its only life.”
i have two stepping stones–dana carrie kimzey and mallory christine shelton. without these two, i would fall off the face of the planet and i would not be as brave as i am going to try to be.
i love you two with all my heart, and don’t need anyone else in my life but you two and my dog. 🙂