i feel like updating. yessir.

so that dance is coming up. everyone go to the 8th grade dance it wont be lame, unlike every other dance. it’ll be fun, promise. and if you dont have fun..well i dont need to finish this sentence because i know you will have fun! WOOT.

i kinda want someone to ask me to the dance, but i’m afraid if i wait for someone to ask me, then it wont happen. but i’m also afraid if i ask someone, they will say no. maybe i will just cross my fingers and hope. pssh. yeah, right.
another issue is who would i ask? i have no idea. it depends on who’s gonna go i guess. i really dont know who to ask, or who i want to ask me.

i atleast know what dress i want. its BEAUTIOUS, just like me mmhm. how do you like them apples?

dont know what my plans are for this weekend. maybe shopping for that dress. cant wait to actually wear it. :]

leave me comments,please :]


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  1. i would ask you to the dace but i was born a year late damno yes i heard if you cross your left fingers its B-A-D luck so just cross your right fingers
    hellogoodbye yummcant wait till iron chef AMERICA comes on im shaking in my boots! (i whish i only had boots)


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