bleh. i hate this.

have you ever loved someone so much, they’ve never known it, and you cant tell them because it would ruin everything else?
you just want to tell them, but you know you cant because it just wasnt meant to be? AGGGH. i hate love.

ps. dont ask me who it is, because i wont tell you. no matter who you are.

love,emily :]


OMG today was sooo fun.

i woke up at like, 8 to go to the park with zack and tawnya. yeah…boring. so we came back, and tawnya and i watched rent it was pretty good, but there is like, a TON of singing. bleh. then we ordered goodcents and played sorry. it was fun. then i went home, ran, showered, cleaned my room&bathroom and then me, megan, kelly, and dana went to the mills. first we picked out our dresses for the 8th grade dance GO PEOPLE!. god we are all sooo salaaacious. you folks better go, because i dont want to buy that dress for nothing. bleh. so then we went to stores [duh] and shopped. funnn. so yeah, our legs felt like they were going to fall off so we left. then megan’s mom dropped us off at steak ‘n’ shake. MORE FUN THAN THE MALL! let me tell you. it was soo funny. i cant wait for kelly’s ‘twister’ movie. haha lmao. then we walked from steak ‘n’ shake to megans and we modeled our dresses for kelly’s mom and dad and megan’s mom. wooo, we’re hot. seriously. anyhoo, then we went and jumped on megan’s trampoline. and the dog jumped on there. and we were talking about how amazing gravity is and what not. yeah..thats deep. so then we all went home. and here i am. writing this to you, as if you care. yeah.

dont know what i’m doing tomorrow. hopefully hanging out with ashley and mallory because i didnt see them today, and i havent seen ashley in like, a whole effing week. god.

i miss mallory and ashley! wish you guys were with us!!!

i feel like updating. yessir.

so that dance is coming up. everyone go to the 8th grade dance it wont be lame, unlike every other dance. it’ll be fun, promise. and if you dont have fun..well i dont need to finish this sentence because i know you will have fun! WOOT.

i kinda want someone to ask me to the dance, but i’m afraid if i wait for someone to ask me, then it wont happen. but i’m also afraid if i ask someone, they will say no. maybe i will just cross my fingers and hope. pssh. yeah, right.
another issue is who would i ask? i have no idea. it depends on who’s gonna go i guess. i really dont know who to ask, or who i want to ask me.

i atleast know what dress i want. its BEAUTIOUS, just like me mmhm. how do you like them apples?

dont know what my plans are for this weekend. maybe shopping for that dress. cant wait to actually wear it. :]

leave me comments,please :]

things have been borrrring to the max. whoa, i am watching 7th heaven right now, which i havent seen in a LONG time, and that Ruthy girl is SOO annoying! she thinks she’s like, 21 and she’s like, 10. i hate the people in that family. they are all NUTS! i cant take it.

new song..the beatles. “i quote john lennon, ‘i dont believe in the beatles, i just believe in me’ Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus and I’d still have to bum rides off of people.”
-ferris bueller’s day off. awesome movie.

anyways, i ate taco bell today. yummmalicious. well i think i might actually have plans for this weekend. woot!

me and breanna, yeah we’re pretty gangsta, and psychic. you are darn jealous right? right.
i’m not a crackhead. so THERE.

WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?! and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance