supposed to go to south dakota to see relatives. drove 10 hours. snow storm. turned around. drove 10 hours back. so far over spring break i’ve read 2 books. The ABC Murders and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd both my agatha christie. here’s a survey for your entertainment. i got it from mal.
oh, and now that i’m not doing anything for spring break, i have no plans.

Can You…
1.Unwrap a starburst with your tounge: no
2.sing: of course i can. just not in public your eyes underwater: yes. i’m talented. whatever you want and not have to worry: NO!!!!! skate: yeah
6.sing in front of a crowd: i just answered that.
7.whistle: contrary to popular belief i can whistle a bitch at times: i’m a bitch all the time thirty pull ups: sure…
10.walk in really high heals: yessir super spicy foods: no
12.skateboard: if falling on my ass qualifies then yes, but someone owes me a lesson
13.sleep with the lights on: yes
14.mulititask: of course i can
15.touch your nose with your tounge: i just tried, ALMOST THERE
16.fall asleep easily in the car: no, i get car sick if i try the cotton eye joe: YES! its that dumb dance we do to the song mal! ddr and not fall: heck no. i suck at that game duh.. in your locker: no a split: ow
22.taste the difference between pepsi and coke: yes and coke beats pepsi by like, 5079523897 points.

1. Something purple within 5 feet of you? a notebook
2. Now something green: a lamp shade
3. Your nails were last painted: ummmm no idea
4. The weirdest thing you’ve ever heated in the microwave? i have no idea
5. How much Japanese do you know? more than you think
6. Do you look good in yellow? kind of
7. Do you sing? thats the third time you’ve asked a question related to singing
8. Ever danced naked in front of a crowd? hmm, there was that one time……..
9. Do you ever spit? yessssssss
10. Is your hair long enough to chew on? why would you want to chew on your hair?
11. Least favorite color? red
12. Ever had Dippin’ Dots? who hasnt?! ice cream of the future!
13. Ever played an instrument? yes, many
14. Ever had a H2O massage? i wish.
15. Do you believe in bigfoot? no but my gpa saw sasquatch. lmao.
16. Ever been to a palm reader? not a real one
17. Last Pez dispenser you purchased? never(?)
18. What song is playing right now? Everything is Alright
19. Did you have a good weekend? ..20 hours in a car with my family. sure.
20. What are you thinking about right now? what i should put down for this answer.
21. Have you ever had a black eye? yes
22. How is today going for you? purrrty good.
23. Any plans for tonight? taking this survey.
24. Ever take a picture of something that was dead? haha. yeah me and my aunt did. it was a skunk.
25. Are you ready for New Years? yeah so for ’06 has been…bleh.
27. Do you find Smurfette sexy? who?
28. Current disappointment: no vacation
29. Do you have an air freshner in your MOMS car? no cuz her car is new and it smells like leather
30. Do you have plants in your room? no. i’m not a “plant” person
31. If you could drink anything right this second what would it be? Dr.Pepper
32. Last piece of mail opened: A birthday card maybe?
33. Does anything hurt on your body right now? my head…?
34. What city was your last taxi cab ride in? Kansas City, MO
35. Last alcoholic drink you had? I had a diet coke w/ sum captain morgan in it. wooo i’m bad. **wink**


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