yo yo yo home Gzzz E-DAWG is in da HIZZHOUSE!!!

sorry. ok i got that out of my system. time to UPDATE!

right so today i drank miranda’s{<3} frappicino. yummm. that made me HYPER to the MAXXXX
OH! i ❤ cornelious the shampoo bottle, but not as much as i love miranda nicole

TEAM ONE CHEATED! they should have been disqualified. man. i hate losing. haha. social studies was fun.
no hard feelings team one. i still love you guys.

got my hurr did today. i lurve it. i look like a combonation of alexis bledel and ashlee simpson. i may not like her music{..ok maybe two songs blush} but i do ❤ her hair. oh, except mine's not bleach blonde or black. its the same color.

there has been a serious lack of comments here bitches. that has to change. BAM!


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