wild weekend

{friday} came home and watched tv. went to bread co. ashley came over and we watched grey’s anatomy season 1 on dvd. heck yess.

{saturday} woke up around noon. went to the mall. got 3 shirts including my hugs not drugs shirt. then i went to matts game. then people came over. the fiquettes were watching this puppy. i guess it was brooke’s boyfriends. he was SOO cute. took pictures. yeah. thats bubba he is soo cute. i love that little dog.

{sunday} i had a basketball game. we lost. i had three fouls. and a “warning”. whatever that means. oh well. then my brother had a game but the other team didnt show up AGAIN! so they scrimmaged each other and the coaches joined in. i never want to see my dad attempt to play basketball again. came home, showered, cleaned my room. here i am.

comment skanks. ILY

ashley look!!! lmao. good times


15 thoughts on “

  1. OMG I KNOW!!!! bubba is my favorite. i always make andrew [my bf] bring him over when he comes lol.. i need you to teach me how to play a song on my xanga page.. i dont know how 😦     i like the song you have playing.. one of my favoritessss
    im sure you look wonderful without your braces.


  2. alright.. well ive found a few or whatever.. but i dont know where to find the code? lol.. i donno. you explained it well i just dont know how to do it. lol


  3. thanx for the comment ❤ my song is They by Jem…i dont remember where i got it from and i love your layout! its really cute!


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