HI-YOOOOOO! today was fun fun fun. we went to the high school and i saw a bunch of people i knew up there. so anyways then i stayed at the high school with my mom cuz i had to go to the doctors. so i went to the doctors and got my physical and what not and i got my blood drawn. 2 tubes. it was pretty sweet. stuff like that doesnt gross me out. so yeah tonight i guess i am going to the dance {joy} and then i’m going out to eat with the ridings. fun fun! well i’m gonna go now. peacE ❤



4 thoughts on “

  1. wuuuuuts up mii duesch dush ((NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL) i think i spell it different everytime…..anyway i hate that fat hoe (alex) she is REALLY GAY N UGLY!! but anyway i will ttyl alig8r!!

    woooshh woooshhh
    _{off flies super molly }_ 

    ❤ molly ❤


  2. kk we’ll spell it like that……………doosh ((LOL)) but. she IS A FAT COW!!! well ne way………………..   i g2g2 soccer so i will throw sum more balls in your direction in gym,…………   lol WOW!!!

    mucho ❤  doosh nozzle


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