::haha from “Signs” or whatever that movie is called. Leah!!!! remember our Alien Club?! Oh man thats classic::::yeah, show that icon to MOTHER FUCKING BUSH::::not only is this word HILARIOUS, its my initials!!! see, see?::::show that one to him too::::its not an accessory, its an OBSESSION::

ok thats all for now. SHOUT OUTS!!! …is that how you spell shout?

MALLORY___good luck with you know who and you know what!!! i heart you!

KELLY___you make me nervous, nervous, nervous!

CAITLYN___feel better my darling! but whatever you have, dont give it to me when we hook up tonight. lmao. haha i ❤ you

BRITTANY___yeah i do not like “that one girl either”. she uuuuugggggly haha


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