ummm its a half day today and i am really bored. so here are some lovely icons.

**for you people who think i’m “too dramatic”, thats a sense of humor icon. LAUGH!!! its good for the soul** <—i ♥ that guy!!! :: and dont you forget it:: :: hey guess what show?! I love the 80s…STRIKES BACK!”


6 thoughts on “

  1. hey girly was ^ nm here well yah im sitting with alyssa at lunch becuase she sits with aaron and no one talks to her. im sry i gave andy my oreo he just asked and i really didnt want to so i gave it to him we shuld so kick his ass tomaro for saying anything well g2g


  2. ok i didnt say that i didnt want u on the team i said i didnt want u 2 get hurt and that is it u dint have 2 get all bitchy o me when u didnt even ask me u just assumed! and if u wanted 2 be on the team u could have gotten a permission slip im not gonna get 1 4 u! u could have been a big girl and got ur own! its not my responsibiltiy to get u a permission slip.u can get ur own! so i did nothing wrong u r not my responsibility!


  3. hey my darlin
    how’s everything going? well its goin good here sounds like u have drama there too! ugh it’s soo much fun weeee! no t really trust me it won’t get any better im not sayin that to be mean or anything just basically to give ya fair warning its funny how life works u know all this crap that ppl do bothers us now but in like 5-10 years it won’t matter and we’ll be like wow that was stupid.. i have a question how do u practice pillow fighting skills lol just kinda weird ya know lol but thats why i love u mimi


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