and you know what really bugs me?

when people say “your life isnt that bad”

first off. i know. there are so many people’s whos lives are worse than mine.
i realize that. and i dont need other people to tell me that.

second, i hate ignorant people who think they know a lot about me, but dont.
today was hard. dana and mallory know why. i took a big step today. and 99.9%of the people i know, dont realize what its about. so stop being ignorant and take the time to get to know me and know what happens when i go home or when i’m by myself before you judge me. dont judge people before you know them. you cant tell someone about themselves. so i’m tired of people telling me about myself.
no one knows me better than me. if you think i’m too dramatic or whatever, you dont have to tell me because guess what i already know


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