::haha from “Signs” or whatever that movie is called. Leah!!!! remember our Alien Club?! Oh man thats classic::::yeah, show that icon to MOTHER FUCKING BUSH::::not only is this word HILARIOUS, its my initials!!! see, see?::::show that one to him too::::its not an accessory, its an OBSESSION::

ok thats all for now. SHOUT OUTS!!! …is that how you spell shout?

MALLORY___good luck with you know who and you know what!!! i heart you!

KELLY___you make me nervous, nervous, nervous!

CAITLYN___feel better my darling! but whatever you have, dont give it to me when we hook up tonight. lmao. haha i ❤ you

BRITTANY___yeah i do not like “that one girl either”. she uuuuugggggly haha


WOO HOO!!! busy busy day!

went to school, did all that junk. then i went to the basketball tournament. it was purrrrrty sweet.

GANGSTERRRRS/SECRET AGENTS__andy, jazmine, ashley, caitlyn, brittany, me. awesome to the maxxxX.

haha you are TOO much. i ❤ you.

you kill me with all your make_up skilllllls. i ❤ you.

forget about you know who. you deserve BETTER! i ❤ you the mostest.

ummm its a half day today and i am really bored. so here are some lovely icons.

**for you people who think i’m “too dramatic”, thats a sense of humor icon. LAUGH!!! its good for the soul** <—i ♥ that guy!!! :: and dont you forget it:: :: hey guess what show?! I love the 80s…STRIKES BACK!”

and you know what really bugs me?

when people say “your life isnt that bad”

first off. i know. there are so many people’s whos lives are worse than mine.
i realize that. and i dont need other people to tell me that.

second, i hate ignorant people who think they know a lot about me, but dont.
today was hard. dana and mallory know why. i took a big step today. and 99.9%of the people i know, dont realize what its about. so stop being ignorant and take the time to get to know me and know what happens when i go home or when i’m by myself before you judge me. dont judge people before you know them. you cant tell someone about themselves. so i’m tired of people telling me about myself.
no one knows me better than me. if you think i’m too dramatic or whatever, you dont have to tell me because guess what i already know

ok i’m bored so i’m gonna make a list of things that bug me
like dana did cuz i think thats a FANTASTIC idea.

1) anything(metal inparticular) scraping against teeth..cringe!
2) rap music
3) wiggers
4) girls who revolve their lives around their boyfriends
6) war
7) abortion
…ok getting a little political…
8) people who TOTALLY misunderstand what you are trying to say
9) people who are like “well, i’m not in your bff thing in ur profile…i hate you” GET OVER IT! i love everyone : )
10) the BIG smileys on aim.
11) when girls’ foundation isnt rubbed in and you can TOTALLY tell that they’re wearing it
12) people who say “tanning” on their interest thing on their xanga and they dont even tan. (btw you can so tell when people dont tan)
13) when i’m at my computer but not looking at AIM and people are IMing me and they freak out when i dont answer then back right away
14) people who WANT to go to high school. lol
15) people who dont do their homework and WONDER WHY THEIR GRADES SUCK!
16) when smart people say they’re dumb. everyone knows your not so dont act like it.
17) when people call other people/things retarded or gay…even though i do it too ::guilty blush::
18) close_minded people
19) people who are just too sensative
20) people who are happy ALL THE TIME! NO ONE IS THAT HAPPY
21) people who are just ignorant and dont care about other people. or say they dont
22) people who are like “oh i love you! best friends forever!” and then BAM! they ditch you.
23) guys that use you
24) clapping. dont clap. just…whistle or something
25) when people change the station when you OBVIOUSLY listening to a song
26) when i dont understand the words to a song
27) when i cant read what people say on AIM cuz their font is too small or the colors are like, the exact same as the background. thats crude! lol
28) when people say “gnarly”. what the hell. its like another name for a booger or something.
29) when people say “hella” or “hellaz”…especially the last one
30) when people spell things that end with an “s” with a “z” i.e. grillZ…hellaZ…do we need to go back to 1st grade?!
31) people who just dont care about other peoples feelings.
32) ew. this one really bugs me. when people chew with their mouth open or play with their food
33) when the food on my plate touches other things on my plate. like, if the applesauce touches the mash potatoes, its over.
34) when people eat one thing before they finish the other. like…”ope, i didnt finish the macaroni, but i’m movin’ on the the pork!” finish the god damn macaroni! eat things one at a time!
35) when my aunt leaves just a little bit of beer at the bottom of the can. is it impossible for her to drink the ENTIRE can of beer? “its too warm” well then dont drink hot chocolate or coffee anymore. jeez
36) when girls wear their hair down, but some is infront of their ear and some is behind, so that their ear is poking out from underneath their hair. they look like a damn monkey. i HATE THAT
37) guys who only have a little bit of facial hair. its all or none boys.
38) people who comment on people’s weight.
39) racist/sexist people
40) people who are offended by the pledge of allegiance because of “GOD”. you can interpret “GOD” however you want to. it doesnt have to be the christian god.
41) knocking down historical buildings
42) rich people who are like “um i have a 5 story house. i’m better than you”…even though i dont know anyone like that
43) celebrities who complain about being stalked by paparazzi. i mean, if you are a celebrity, it comes with the package, so quit bitching.

well thats enough for now but i’m sure i will think of some more.

riiiight. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an update

soo im in a much better mood. but, as with everyone, there is still chaos in my life.
there is always chaos.

i started writing and drawing again. i missed it. it feels good to get out all my frustration with people and things out with art and music instead of other things.

you know what, i owe a HUGE thank you to dana. i mean, i heart everyone else, but dana you have helped me so much. thank you for your support and answers. it means so much to me. you have no idea. i ❤ you.

well its been fun folks, but i gotta jet! lol. GOTTA BLAST!!! what cartoon character used to say that? anyways peacE

“All romance is fake in the end”
-Yours Truly


i give up
i hate people
like, most people i know.

but i love ashley kelly mallory and dana with all my heart

everyone else, except for like, you know, tawnya and mirana and chelsea, but anyways, yeah i hate you

some people take things WAYY too seriously!!!