hey. well i’m updating. last night was fun. i went to see “memoirs of a geisha” with tawnya. it was fun, but not my kind of movie. then we came home and we were having a party. so we just hung around. we watched half of the longest yard, but little matt kept bugging us. so then we went downstairs. then i gave someone a key to my door, cuz i locked it so they wouldn’t get in, and then i couldnt remember who i gave the key to, so i went outside, mind you its like, 1130, and we were looking all over my neighborhood, well kind of, for nick and brad, but anyhoo we couldnt find them. finally we found them and they were in my brothers closet. and they said they were hiding from the little kids so i helped them sneak out by giving matt ridings a dollar to go downstairs and blocking tommy’s view from the stairs. anyhoo, so then i went outside with them and hung out in their little “hunting lounge”” thing. that thing is neat! its got a heater, and a phone, and posters, and lots of neat stuff. anyhoo, so nick brad and joey scared the bajeebees out of me and told me there was a snake under my deck. i was sco scared. i was like….shaking. anyways so then i went back inside and then around midnight i went up to the fiquettes new house with brooke, bridgette, sam, and kayla. we just hung out in brooke’s room. it was fun. they’re pretty cool. but anyways then we came back and just talked to people and about al’s HUMONGOUS stove. but anyways then everyone left at about 130 so yeah it was an eventful night.

happy new year everyone, make this year worth it


thats for you erin-izzle


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