Umm so yeah i went to the rams game today.
i hate those rams
that cant tackle for shit

last night i was with my family
if you think your family is crazy, you have no idea.

its almost christmas kids!

but incase you dont celebrate christmas,
happy kwanza
happy hannakah
or however you spell it.


um so yeah it was a good christmas. my favorite present is my iPod nano.
i lurve it. me and my brother and my cousins watched the longest yard (ahh memories). thats one of the funniest movies ever. i love it. but not as much as i love somethings. hmm. well i hope everyone had a good x-mas. tawnya dont let me forget about that other present. oh, and thanks again for my earrings and walgreens gift card.


oh and if your jewish, hell even if your not, listen to that adam sandler song.
i get a great deal of entertainment from that song.

this is Bo-Louie. me and my aunt pam drew him. woo hoo for us. more pics to come


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