hey. well i’m updating. last night was fun. i went to see “memoirs of a geisha” with tawnya. it was fun, but not my kind of movie. then we came home and we were having a party. so we just hung around. we watched half of the longest yard, but little matt kept bugging us. so then we went downstairs. then i gave someone a key to my door, cuz i locked it so they wouldn’t get in, and then i couldnt remember who i gave the key to, so i went outside, mind you its like, 1130, and we were looking all over my neighborhood, well kind of, for nick and brad, but anyhoo we couldnt find them. finally we found them and they were in my brothers closet. and they said they were hiding from the little kids so i helped them sneak out by giving matt ridings a dollar to go downstairs and blocking tommy’s view from the stairs. anyhoo, so then i went outside with them and hung out in their little “hunting lounge”” thing. that thing is neat! its got a heater, and a phone, and posters, and lots of neat stuff. anyhoo, so nick brad and joey scared the bajeebees out of me and told me there was a snake under my deck. i was sco scared. i was like….shaking. anyways so then i went back inside and then around midnight i went up to the fiquettes new house with brooke, bridgette, sam, and kayla. we just hung out in brooke’s room. it was fun. they’re pretty cool. but anyways then we came back and just talked to people and about al’s HUMONGOUS stove. but anyways then everyone left at about 130 so yeah it was an eventful night.

happy new year everyone, make this year worth it


thats for you erin-izzle


well its been a while. i’ve been really sick and i havent felt like doing much. i’m not sure what i’m doing today. i think my basketball team has a game, so i might go to that. and i think my dad has a game, so i might go to that. idk. well miranda told me our team won yesterday and i am VERY excited about that.

Lady Pirates: 1-0

GO PIRATES! keep it goin babes. i ❤ ya.


so today i went to see “cheaper by the dozen 2” with mallory dana kelly and sydnie. BUT, mallory being mallory, she got the theater wrong, and we saw “Rumor Has It…” instead. it was ok. this MEAN OLD lady kept yelling at us. sydnie was trying to trip me and mallory when we were getting up to take a piss, and i was like “OH FUCK!” and i hit that dumb old bitch in the head. oh man. then when the movie was over, we went to oberweis or w/e it is and there were some hot guys there and their “friends that are girls” kept staring at us and then when we were leaving we waved to them and i made a face. it was fun. i love those big dumb bitches, but i am never going anywhere with them again. JUST KIDDING i love you guys like a fat kid loves white castle. and thats a lot.


um yeah i saw memoirs of a geisa…not my kind of movie. all japanese. oh well. here are some pictures for your entertainment.

aww tawnya

i jumped in the bush! oh yeah! i’m cool!


Umm so yeah i went to the rams game today.
i hate those rams
that cant tackle for shit

last night i was with my family
if you think your family is crazy, you have no idea.

its almost christmas kids!

but incase you dont celebrate christmas,
happy kwanza
happy hannakah
or however you spell it.


um so yeah it was a good christmas. my favorite present is my iPod nano.
i lurve it. me and my brother and my cousins watched the longest yard (ahh memories). thats one of the funniest movies ever. i love it. but not as much as i love somethings. hmm. well i hope everyone had a good x-mas. tawnya dont let me forget about that other present. oh, and thanks again for my earrings and walgreens gift card.


oh and if your jewish, hell even if your not, listen to that adam sandler song.
i get a great deal of entertainment from that song.

this is Bo-Louie. me and my aunt pam drew him. woo hoo for us. more pics to come

Yeah, so I was kind of a bitch today in 8th Hour
Sorry to Everyone
i ❤ you

“I guess, you know, incase you’re wondering, I still love you”
-Some movie, but I forgot which one

Ashley we gotta have a movie marathon.
80’s Movie’s All The Way!
I Love the 80’s…STRIKES BACK!!!!

I Love Everyone…
Most of The Time : /

love you guys : )

BIG 1-4!!!

thank you to: Ashley, Kelly, Mallory, Dana, Jazmine, Justine, Miranda Karlton, Wade and Billy for my b-day presents.

Mallory that cake was DELICIOUS!!!!
Everyone in 6th Hour owes you one!

well i will update later about my presents. Thank you everyone! I Love You and thank you for making this birthday my best EVER!


whoooo today was fun!!!!!!

i went to the mills with megan and ashley. i had a BLAST!!!!!! this guy sold us his cd and its pretty good. Loser’s Luck <—-buy it. as soon as it comes out. its really awesome. so anyways i got the SHIT scared out of me. ask me about it cuz i dont feel like talking about it. basically a guy JUMPED yes, jumped!, out of his wheel chair and said “OK I’LL WALK” right infront of me and i jumped and then he did it again like, 15 minutes later! scary! oh! speaking of scary, we sat in this HUGE chair. i mean HUGE. i thought i was gonna fall back and die, so i got off. omg it was scary! well i’m gonna go admire my birthday presents. : )

thanks ashley!!!!!!! i love you soooooo freakin much

ya so i havent updated in a while cuz i’ve been grounded. whoo hoo. hopefully i’ll have pictures up soon


i better see a taco cody.
oh and cody, stay away from you know who.
i hear she’s FAT